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Black Excellence Community Gala

A Celebration of Excellence

Our gala is an event where we celebrate the achievements of prominent members of the black and brown community. 


A celebration of culture, identity, and community. We aim to acknowledge organizations and minorities in position of power, influence who inspire change.

A Resource to Access

Our gala creates a space to showcase the work that goes into ensuring people of color have access to opportunities and essential resources.


Closing the gap and fostering   growth in the areas of education, wealth, career development, community impact, leadership and health & wellness.

An Opportunity

Our gala creates opportunities for community collaboration in the name of providing educational and vocational training scholarships for graduates of Poughkeepsie High School. 

Scholarships fill in the gap, decreasing the need for loans and allowing students to focus more on studies. 

2022 Honorees & Keynote Speaker 

Poughkeepsie (1)_edited.jpg

Poughkeepsie Cardinals

Keystone of the Community Honoree


Tyshaun Johnson

Rising Icon Honoree

PULL QUOTES.00_00_37_25_edited.jpg

Perinnella "Penny"

Civic Leadership


IMG_2700 (1)_edited.jpg

Robert Watson Sr.

Keynote Speaker

2022 Gala Committee Members

Mikaal Hurry
Sade Sharas
Aisha Reed
Chris Grant
Demetrius Williams
Dashon Davis
Chanel Tolbert
Todd Snead
Anquinette Hayles


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